Lily Advisory is a boutique providing the tools for women to lead a financially sound and business savvy lifestyle.

Lily Advisory has three main focus areas:

  • Wealth Coaching for women
  • Business Mentoring for female-led businesses
  • Financially Sound Woman (FSW) Investment Club: masterclasses, webinars, podcasts, networking events, newsletters, investment meet-ups

At Lily Advisory, we understand that every woman is different and has unique requirements and we wanted to make sure to offer help for each of these aspects.

Wealth Coaching

Lily Advisory specialises in providing advice to women who need help in understanding how to manage their finances more efficiently and who are interested in tapping into the world of investing.

Our aim is to provide you with the right tools and help you gain the knowledge in order to take control over your financial affairs. Unlike many other firms, we are not seeking to take over the management of your wealth; on the contrary we are seeking to enable you to be in.

Perhaps you recently went through a significant financial change in your life and find the task of now having to take control of managing your wealth daunting and cumbersome. With the right set of tools and education we can help you go through this process smoothly and make it enjoyable. With our hands-on educational approach with time we can help you become financially sound.

Perhaps, you are a professional woman who needs help in optimising your current situation to maximise tax efficiency and capital preservation with some growth based on your individual situation.

At Lily Advisory, we understand that it can be difficult and time consuming for women to find the right answers to these questions and to decide where their priorities should lie. We specialise in providing help throughout these complex processes, aiming to assist you in crystallising what your needs are in your specific situation in life, and advising on suitable solutions.

If you would like to explore an initial conversation with us please get in touch:


Business Mentoring

Our founder Indre offers business mentoring to young female entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a viable business or take an existing start-up to a new growth level.

Having built Lily advisory from scratch, the past 3.5 years have taught her many lessons on how to build a business and now Indre is keen to share them with you and help you advance faster, avoid some mistakes and benefit from her extensive network.

Having a mentor and support network is key to building a successful business. Learn from mistakes of others every step you can as that will help you advance further and faster.


Key Learning Points

  • Preparing financial business plans
  • Understanding and preparing cash flow projections, profit and loss calculations
  • Understanding balance sheet
  • Preparation on raising money for the business
  • Expanding the network
  • Access to various industry events

Please get in touch for further details:


Financially Sound Woman (FSW) Investment Club

The FSW Investment Club launched in June 2017 with the aim to bring like-minded women together and to create a platform to learn about investments, share ideas and join forces all together. The club came to its existence as Indre saw the absolute need to create an environment for women that encourages them to learn more about investing, to be active participants and to collectively join in with their ideas, issues and interests. Being a member you not only do you get access to the educational side of Lily Advisory but also you get the unique opportunity to meet interesting, highly accomplished and ambitious like-minded women in a fun and enjoyable environment.


Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to Financially Sound Woman masterclasses at Members Club Café Royal. The modules include Introduction to Investing, Asset class specific classes, other investment related topics
  • Unlimited access to webinars and podcasts
  • Monthly meet-ups to discuss specific investment ideas brought by members and by the founder Indre Butkeviciute
  • Quarterly networking events for club members
  • Quarterly workshops with industry professionals
  • Monthly news letters
  • 50% discount for individual wealth coaching sessions with Indre
  • Access to exclusive events offered by associates of Lily Advisory
  • Access to industry conferences and social events
  • Access to a database of various professionals

Membership fee is £100/month. Sign up here.

About The Founder

Indre is a wealth coach with a background in wealth management.

After finishing her studies in Economics and Business at UCL in London, she started her career at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. Indre spent almost 8 years with the firm covering High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients from Iceland and the Baltic States. At the end of 2013 Indre left Morgan Stanley to set up her own venture Centaurus Wealth Management. More than 3 years on, the venture has now changed its shape a few times facing various hurdles and has finally become Lily Advisory: a boutique outlet providing the tools for women to lead a financially sound and business savvy lifestyle. . Her goal is to develop Lily Advisory into a platform that not only offers investment advice to women but also fosters an environment of idea and experience sharing. The long term plan for Lily Advisory is to educate women and young girls about the investment world, sharing Indre’s experience and passion.

In April 2016 Indre was elected as board member of UAB FMI Orion Securities, which is the largest non-banking financial group in Lithuania.
In 2017 Indre was elected as chairwoman of the board at UAB FMI Myriad Capital and member of the board of I Asset Management.

In addition to her business ventures, Indre also runs a few different networking clubs in London, and has been a frequent speaker at various investment-related events.

Indre lives in South East London with her husband. She is a keen traveller, food-lover and wine connoisseur. Indre’s other passion is art, which she expresses through her Online Art Gallery, that she set up several years ago to promote affordable art online.


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