Business Mentoring

Our founder Indre offers business mentoring to young female entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a viable business or take an existing start-up to a new growth level.

Having built Lily advisory from scratch, the past 4 years have taught her many lessons on how to build a business and now Indre is keen to share them with you and help you advance faster, avoid some mistakes and benefit from her extensive network.

Having a mentor and support network is key to building a successful business. Learn from mistakes of others every step you can as that will help you advance further and faster.

Key Learning Points

  • Preparing financial business plans
  • Understanding and preparing cash flow projections, profit and loss calculations
  •  Understanding balance sheet
  • Preparation on raising money for the business
  • Expanding the network
  • Access to various industry events

Please contact us. for further details. 

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