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The Biggest Wealth is Your Health: Power Of Raw Foods

  • 18 Fitzhardinge Street London, England, W1H 6EQ United Kingdom (map)

Three of the most incredible and miraculous things about our physical bodies are that they are self-healing, self-purifying, and self-maintaing, if we simply fuel them with livings foods they were designed to use by nature.

A diet rich in raw foods is an important component of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Raw foods that are not heated over 60* contain the enzymes needed to digest them, whereas the heating process destroys many of the enzymes inherent in foods. Enzymes are catalysts, the spark plugs of life. They are protein molecules that facilitate chemical reactions in virtually every cell, organ and system in our bodies, from digestion to elimination. And by incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you may extend your life, slow down the ageing process on the cellular level, get your natural energy back to enjoy your life to the full.

Join us and start feeling better, more energised, more healthy, ready to go for your big dreams and to achieve the wealth you have always dreamt off, whatever that might be for you.

Viktoriya Khoma, with over 15 years of experience, studying, research and traveling, has created a very unique approach to exercising, nutrition, beauty and mind-set. This is your chance to hear her tips, meet her in person and ask questions in order to make those changes.