Money Shouldn't Be a Taboo Subject

IQ plays such an important part in how we access our knowledge bank, but have you ever thought about your FQ? Financial Intelligence should play an equally important part in our lives. It is time for us to take charge of personal and our family finances and be a decision maker for our financial futures.

Money is often seen as such a taboo topic particularly so among us women. However, according to a recent report by MHPC, over half of women (54%) say that their personal finances leave them feeling vulnerable. only 17% of women see themselves as moderate  to high risk takers. 55% of women invest to keep their money safe. Essentially, for women, low savings are being further compounded by low returns.

It is time we start talking about money and become financially sound.

If you want to take control of your financial future, understand the fundamental concepts behind investing, get excited about it and learn how to practically do it then this course is for you. 

Become a Financially Sound Woman!

This course is fully based online with many individualised as well as group benefits:

Firstly you will receive a short questionnaire to determine your level of knowledge and the key topics of interest.

The course will consist of 6 live 2 hour weekly webinars covering 6 key modules:

1. Introduction;

2. Understanding asset classes;

3. Determining your risk level and return expectations;

4. Setting your goals;

5. Building your portfolio;

6. Learning how to apply the theory in practical terms.

Each webinar will be followed by individual workbooks and exercises to complete.

You will be part of a closed Facebook group giving you the opportunity to know others in your course

You will receive daily support for any questions you might have

There will be further tasks outside of your workbook assigned individually for you to complete

Further additional information based on your individual development