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Wealth Coaching

Lily Advisory specialises in providing advice to women who need help in understanding how to manage their finances more efficiently and who are interested in tapping into the world of investing.

Our aim is to provide you with the right tools and help you gain the knowledge in order to take control over your financial affairs. Unlike many other firms, we are not seeking to take over the management of your wealth, on the contrary we are seeking to enable you to take charge by providing you with the right tools and knowledge.

Perhaps you recently went through a significant financial change in your life and find the task of now having to take control of managing your wealth daunting and cumbersome. With the right set of tools and education we can help you go through this process smoothly and make it enjoyable. With our hands-on educational approach with time we can help you become financially sound.

Perhaps, you are a professional woman who needs help in optimising your current situation to maximise tax efficiency and capital preservation with some growth based on your individual situation.

At Lily Advisory, we understand that it can be difficult and time consuming for women to find the right answers to these questions and to decide where their priorities should lie. We specialise in providing help throughout these complex processes, aiming to assist you in crystallising what your needs are in your specific situation in life, and advising on suitable solutions. 

If you would like to explore an initial conversation with us please book in for an exploratory call with Indre.